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Comic 32: End Times by ZSparkonequus

Absolutely beautiful. I love what you did with this! While I can't give it a five star on originality because the Twilight taking Celestia's job isn't truly original it IS original of the idea that this end times should be the end of our old lives of ignorance and hatefulness and a time of reform and revelations. The art style is great, the vision and impact is EXCELLENT, and it makes me want to write a short story on this moment at the castle.

I wish I looked at the idea of the world ending like this sooner. Your work as an artist is very well done! I'm sure this will happen eventually in the future of the show, because not even the immortal choose to live in a world like this forever.

This ushers in many new ideas for how to make 2013 amazing, starting with ourselves, and expanding to the people around us.

This isn't an apocalypse, it's an awakening. Thank You.
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